PNK Group is a leading developer of industrial facilities in Russia
PNK Group consists of an investment fund, manufacturing facilities, a design department, a general contractor and an operating organization.
PNK Group is the only developer of warehouse and manufacturing property in Russia which has its own plants for producing the main load-bearing structural elements of buildings.
PNK Group's own investment and production potential guarantees the execution of projects within a short time and at a fixed price.
PNK Group carries out full-cycle industrial projects: construction in its own parks equipped with all utility lines, or on the site of the client.

About the company in figures

years on the market
PNK Group came to the market in 2004, and it dictates trends on the market of logistics property.
The fourth factory was launched in 2016 to increase PNK Group total production capacities to the level enabling construction of industrial buildings with the area exceeding 1 million square meters per year.
industrial parks
During the company's operation, 19 logistics and industrial parks were commissioned throughout Russia. In addition, 7 sites are being prepared for commissioning.
4 mm
4 million sq.m. of industrial space
In the course of 12 years of operation on the Russian market, more than 4 million sq.m. of industrial space have been commissioned and are at various stages of execution.
International quality standards
All buildings we have constructed since 2012 correspond to FM Global international standards.


02 august 2016
Mercedes-Benz opened a new distribution center (DC) in Russia
built-to-suit (BTS) by PNK Group based on advanced construction technologies in the PNK - Northern Sheremetyevo park. At the beginning of 2015 the parties closed the deal for 3.7 billion rubles; the construction of the complex began in July 2015 and lasted only 12 months. The logistics complex for Mercedes-Benz was built using advanced technologies which are the quality standard for PNK Group and are unique in the Russian market.
15 july 2016
PNK Group closed a deal with JSC Sberbank Asset Management
for the purchase of a warehouse facility with a total area of over 80,000 sq.m. and a cost of 2.5 billion rubles. The warehouse purchased by the investment company is located in the PNK-Tolmachevo A+ class industrial park in Novosibirsk, 2 km from Tolmachevo airport. Today the project with a total area of 382,500 m2 is 85% completed, and more than 70% of the space has been sold or leased long-term to anchor residents Auchan and O'Key, Lenta, Holiday, Fix Price and others. In addition to classic high-quality warehouses, complex multi-temperature and high-tech industrial facilities are also located in the territory of the park.
07 june 2016
ROSTA Pharmaceutical Group has leased warehouses in PNK-Valishchevo
ROSTA Group, one of the biggest suppliers of pharmaceutical products, has leased a warehouse in the A+ class industrial park PNK-Valishchevo in the Moscow Region, located 32 km from the Moscow Ring Road on Simferopolskoye Shosse. Rosta has occupied premises with a total area of 18,000 sq.m. until 2020; the lease term is 5 years. The international consulting company CBRE Group provided consultations on the transaction.
PNK Group produces all types of reinforced concrete products, metal structures and PIR insulation.
PNK Group has its own fleet of construction equipment numbering around 400 units.
The manufacturing facilities of PNK Group are located in Vnukovo; they have been operating since 2012 and are equipped with European machinery.

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