<big>PNK-2 Новосибирск</big>  Офисно-складской производственный комплекс, Новосибирская область PNK-2 Novosibirsk Industrial-warehouse complex, Novosibirsk region
PNK-2 Novosibirsk Industrial-warehouse complex, Novosibirsk region


PNK Group — is a dynamically developing group of companies specializing in investments in construction of own industrial parks.

Currently the PNK Group’s portfolio includes 14 ongoing and completed high technology projects in Moscow and the regions of Russia.  The total area of projects is about 2 000 000 square meters.

Vertically integrated structure of PNK Group combines investment, real estate development, construction and manufacturing business units – controlled by the group’s management company.

At PNK Group industrial parks we offer a full range of facilities available in the Grade “A+” industrial and warehousing real estate market: classic speculator-type warehouses, buildings for manufacturing facilities, build-to-suit projects (for rent or sale) as well as multiple-temperature-zone temperature-controlled warehouses.

Each year PNK Group puts into operation over 250,000 square meters of warehousing and industrial Grade “A+” real estate in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

Average duration of construction project for PNK Group properties (with floor space of 40 000 to 50 000 square meters in the Company’s industrial parks) is 6 to 9 months from the start of design to completion (facility is operational). The same timelines apply for construction during the winter season. For example:

  • In December 2011 LIOTECH, a new high-tech production facility was completed and put into operation for ROSNANO (state-controlled corporation). Project size is 40,000 square meters of floor space, construction time – 7 months). The new plant was built at PNK-Tolmachevo industrial park (total area 380,000 square meters);
  • In December 2011 a warehousing complex built for Tsentrobuv footwear retail chain was completed (49,000 square meters, construction time – 7 months) at PNK-Vnukovo industrial park (total area 308,000 square meters)..
  • In May 2010 a warehousing complex for Eldorado retail chain was completed (40,000 square meters, construction time – 7 months) at PNK-Chekhov industrial park (total area 398,000 square meters)..

PNK Group clients – are leaders in their respective industries: DIKSI, Х5 Retail Group, M.Video, Eldorado, TsentrObuv, TVOE, ETM, Moneks Trading (Mothercare, Next, Claire’s, M•A•C and The Body Shop brands), Uhrenholt Logistics, VEDK, Rosnano and others.

PNK Group products are presented in the market by leading international real estate consultancies: Knight Frank, CBRE, Cushman&Wakefield, Jones Lang LaSalle and Colliers International.

Internal standards of PNK Group in the area of construction significantly exceed the Russian market requirements for Grade “A+” industrial and warehouse properties. Our in-house standards are based on constant review of the best-in-class solutions in the industrial real estate market of Western countries. These solutions are then adapted to real needs of Russian customers and are updated on a regular basis. In the medium term the company sees its objective in reaching construction quality levels of industrial parks in Europe, UK and USA. To achieve this goal:

  • In 2011 PNK Group initiated its transition to Factory Mutual Global – a set of international quality and safety standards for industrial real estate developed by the world’s leading insurance companies.
  • In 2012 PNK Group completed construction of 3 own construction materials plants (producing metal structures, reinforced concrete assemblies, non-flammable water-resistant composite wall and roofing panels) using European technologies.

The strategy of PNK Group envisages investment in construction and development of a chain of own industrial parks located in the very best positions (from the logistics standpoint). This allows us to offer our clients a full range of industrial real estate products meeting their individual needs – by doing this we are hoping to become a “supermarket of industrial buildings”. Combining all required competencies in one vertically integrated structure (investments, development, design, general contractor services, construction services and production of construction materials – plus facilities management for finished properties) is a guarantee of continuous, dynamic and balanced growth of the company.

Partners’ comments

Anatoly Chubais, head of ROSNANO: “When we were signing the schedule for construction stages at our Liotech facility – frankly speaking, I doubted that this schedule is realistic. But today we all see a concrete result of the contractor’s efforts”.

David Wilkinson, executive director of TVOE company: “Strict compliance with construction timelines and budgets, plus rational design, high quality, compliance with environmental standards, innovative technologies and construction experts – these are the key criteria that we used to select PNK Group as our business partner”.

Elena Gorislavets, logistics department director, TsentrObuv: “The solution developed by PNK Group fully meets our requirements – both from the view of technical specifications of the warehousing complex and from the viewpoint of infrastructure availability. The most pleasing aspect of the project for us was that this challenging project was implemented in a very short period of time”.

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